How to Use Pantone Classic Blue in Your Colorado Wedding

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It’s official: Pantone has released a brand new color of the year, and in 2020 it’s Classic Blue! This year’s choice is a deep blue shade – a little lighter than navy that Pantone says is “suggestive of the sky at dusk”. (Isn’t that romantic?) They describe it as “a timeless and enduring blue hue” that highlights “our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build”. With those qualities, it really couldn’t be a more perfect metaphor for a new marriage!

Of course, blue has always been a popular wedding color, and this particular shade is a classic for a reason. It’s both timeless and contemporary, and is also gender neutral and seasonless, making it a fit for a range of textures, styles and color palettes. So here are five chic ways to use Pantone Classic Blue at your Colorado wedding.

Your something blue. Many brides use a softer pastel shade for their ‘something blue,’ but why not opt for something a little bolder? For example, a blue sapphire ring or earrings, or a pair of sumptuous blue velvet shoes. A pretty blue ring box is another option, or a blue ribbon wrapped around your bridal bouquet.

The groom’s suit. Pantone Classic Blue was made for an impeccably tailored groom’s suit! It’s a great update to the navy suits that have been popular for the last few years without being garish. Wear with a tonal tie and a simple boutonniere. Gorgeous!

Blue drinkware. Pops of colorful glass really make a statement on a wedding table, and Pantone Classic Blue is the perfect shade. Hire beautiful blue glass goblets or wine glasses and pair them with elegant china and soft silk table linens. You could also stack up blue glasses at your bar for cocktail hour, which would make a gorgeous visual statement.

Lounge area. Blue is said to be a calming color in general, and Pantone says Classic Blue is one that “builds connection”. These qualities make it ideal for a lounge area for your guests to relax in. Depending on the rest of your décor, you could go for a monochromatic look or opt for a neutral look with a single blue velvet couch or blue cushions.

Blue stationery. Using blue for your wedding invitations will really make them stand out. Pantone Classic Blue is deep enough to work as a background color or as an ink color against a neutral background. It looks particularly pretty when used as a calligraphy ink, for beautiful hand lettered details.

I can’t wait to see more blues in this year’s weddings. What do you think of this color?

Image by Chrisman Studios

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