5 Practical Ways to Give Back Once You Get Engaged

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Being engaged and planning a wedding is such a special time. But it can definitely feel like all the focus and attention is on you and your fiancé. If you have a heart for giving back, you might start to wonder how you can share some of that love and good fortune and make your wedding meaningful beyond your immediate circle. The good news is that it’s become much simpler to plan a charitable wedding. In fact, more and more couples are choosing to donate, volunteer, and give back. And, while there are many creative ways to give both during and after your wedding, you don’t have to wait! Here are five of my favorite ideas for how you can use your engagement for the greater good.

Sign up for a charitable wedding registry. One of the best features of many modern gift registries is that they allow couples to donate a portion of their gifts to charity. You can also create registry items that are direct donations, so guests can give to a charity in your honor. If you do sign up for more traditional gifts, look for fair trade items.

Host your wedding at a nonprofit-owned venue. The venue is going to be one of your biggest expenses, but that money can go towards supporting a charitable nonprofit. For example, historical sites, museums, and botanical gardens. Many of these venues rely on fundraising to survive and your rental fee may go a long way toward supporting their work. You’ll also have a unique and beautiful location that your guests will never forget!

Choose vendors who give back. Another good way to pay it forward as you plan your wedding is to work with vendors who make giving part of their business. For example, they may routinely give a portion of their profits to charity or focus on sustainability and social responsibility. Here at Bella, we devote a portion of our time and energy to events and fundraisers for nonprofit organizations across the country. It’s a part of the business I’m so proud of!

Shop smart! You can also make clever choices when it comes to buying your wedding décor and details online. Use a gateway like GoodShop or AmazonSmile and a percentage of what you spend will go to a good cause. Another idea is to make all your wedding purchases on a single credit card that makes a donation for every purchase. Or you could use a credit card that offers cash-back rewards and pledge to donate this to your chosen charity.

Volunteer. In the run-up to a wedding, there are lots of events that can be turned into a group volunteering opportunity. For example, a bridesmaid luncheon or even a bridal shower. There are so many things you can do such as assisting at a soup kitchen or animal shelter, taking part in a charity fun run, working together to create food packages, or do a beach clean-up. Another idea is to schedule in some time to volunteer regularly with your fiancé throughout the engagement. It’s quality time together that will help keep wedding stress away, while also benefitting your community.

There are so many more ways you can give back at your wedding and beyond, but these suggestions are a great place to start!

Image by Sarah Roshan

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