Should You Consider Planning a Holiday Wedding?

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! As we get into the full swing of the festive season, you’re probably thinking about tinsel and cookies rather than weddings. But the period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s can be a very special time of year for a wedding. Of course, not everyone agrees. While some people love the idea of a holiday wedding (sleigh bells in the snow, so romantic!), others just think of expensive travel and time away from family events. If you find yourself on the fence about planning a holiday wedding, here are some of the biggest pros and cons to consider.

Holiday Wedding PROS

Quality time with your loved ones. Bringing everyone together is what the holiday season is all about. So what better way to get everyone you love under one roof than with a wedding?

Extra vacation time. A holiday wedding means your guests may find it easier to take time off work or fit your wedding into their existing vacation plans. Plus, if there’s travel involved, guests will have an extra day or two to make the trip (and recuperate!). Make sure that if you do plan a destination wedding, you offer plenty of activities, so your guests feel they’re squeezing the most out of their vacation time.

The festive spirit. People are generally in a celebratory mood this time of year. Work is winding down, and in the lead-up to Christmas, everyone’s ready to party! This makes it the perfect time for wedding festivities.

Holiday wedding décor. Another perk of planning a holiday wedding is that you can decorate with beautiful festive details. For example, green wreaths and centerpieces, touches of gold and sparkle, and hundreds of twinkling lights. Plus, your church (if you’re getting married in one) and venue may already be decorated for the holidays, so you can save a little on décor.

A sentimental anniversary. If you choose to have a holiday wedding, the season will always hold special significance for you and your partner. Also, neither of you will ever forget to celebrate it!

Holiday Wedding CONS

Decreased attendance. There are lots of reasons why fewer guests may be able to attend a holiday wedding. For example, the higher costs of travel (at an already expensive time of year), religious considerations, or other commitments. Some people may simply prefer to spend time with family at this time of year. It’s important if you’re planning a holiday wedding to expect this and not to take it personally if they RSVP no.

Availability and cost of accommodations. This will really depend on where you choose to have your wedding, since some places will have a shortage of holiday accommodation, while others may not. For example, if you’re dreaming of a holiday destination wedding in Colorado, it’s worth remembering that it’s also ski season, so you may struggle to get block bookings for your guests.

December weddings can be expensive. Again, this can vary depending on your wedding destination and plans, as some aspects of a winter wedding can work out cheaper while others will not. For example, florals tend to be more expensive during the winter months.

Unpredictable weather. While romantic photographs in gently falling snow are one thing, blizzards are another! Snowstorms and severe weather could cause travel chaos for you and your guests.

The holiday association. Some people prefer not to have their anniversary overlap with the holidays every year. For others, Christmas décor (no matter how tasteful) isn’t what they want for their wedding.

Ultimately, the decision on whether to get merrily married comes down to your individual situation and that of your guests. Take some time to do your research and then talk through your options.

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