Questions To Ask When Touring Destination Wedding Venues

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Touring destination wedding venues is one of the most exciting parts of the planning journey. I love showing brides and grooms around our beautiful Colorado wedding venues! If you can go see potential locations, you definitely should. Even though you may have spent hours poring over pictures on the internet, there’s nothing quite like seeing a property with your own eyes. It gives you a proper sense of the place and how your wedding there will feel. It’s also a chance to meet the people who would help to make your big day happen and to make decisions about which indoor and outdoor spaces to use. But it’s also easy to get swept up in the beauty of a location and forget about all the practical information you need. So here are five of the most important questions to ask at your destination wedding venue tour, so that you can make an informed decision. 

What private indoor and outdoor spaces are available and how many guests can each accommodate?

Of course, one of the most important aspects on an on-site tour is that you’re able to see the spaces in person and visualize your wedding there. However, it’s important to make sure you see all the spaces available, not just the highlights. For example, even if you’re planning an outdoor ceremony, you may need to move indoors in case of rain. What does the backup space look like? You should also ask if there are any areas you won’t have access to or that have been booked for other events.

What is the weather typically like in the month of the wedding?

Of course, you’ll want to research the climate of your destination wedding location ahead of time, but there’s nothing quite like local knowledge! Asking about the weather can often lead to some important nuggets of information that you can really use. I’m always happy to give couples insight into our Colorado weather and tips for how to manage it.

Which services and stock are available and are they included in the fee?

If you’re planning a destination wedding, especially if it’s somewhere remote, you’ll be reliant on using whatever the resort or venue provides. For example, linens, flatware, china, glassware, tabletop décor items, and chairs. Ideally, ask to see what your options are, so you can prepare and add anything else you want into your budget. Speaking of which, it’s important to ask what is and is not included in terms of both services and stock, and whether the venue has any décor rules. (For example, no candles.)

Do you allow couples to work with external vendors?

Some destination wedding venues are happy for you to work with any vendors you choose, while others limit you to their in-house options or a list of preferred partners. Find out what their policy is and if there is any flexibility. There may also be the option to work with an external vendor like a cake designer, but with an additional cutting fee. You’ll want to make sure you budget for this in advance.

Who will we be working with?

Don’t assume that the person who conducts your venue tour is the same person who will be your point of contact, or will be on hand to help on the day. When touring destination wedding venues, it’s important to ask who you will be working with and to meet as many of them as possible while you’re there. Being able to put a face to a name and email address helps to make the whole process more personal. This is also a reason why it’s a good idea to work with a destination wedding planner, who will have an ongoing relationship with the venue team.

Of course, there are many other questions to ask potential destination wedding venues, both before and after a venue tour. You can find a list of the most important here.

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