8 Ways to Surprise Your Fiancé on Your Wedding Day

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Weddings are inherently romantic, even though you might not get much alone time together that day. If you have a large guest count, finding ways to make your day feel like it’s only the two of you in the world can be a bit challenging (but fun too!). From those quiet few moments during a first look photo shoot to the moment after you get back down the aisle as a married couple, you can steal small intimate whispers together. But that’s not all! Surprising your fiancé or new spouse on the wedding day is a fun way to up the romance factor! If you want to show your mate a little extra love on the wedding day, consider these eight romantic ways to surprise them during the day!

1. Write them a love letter. It’s become a bit of tradition to exchange gifts and cards the morning of the wedding (though someone else deliveries them for you). Consider penning a love letter to your future spouse, something they can cherish forever.

2. Send champagne to the suite. Want to start the celebration early for your spouse and their wedding party? Send a bottle of their favorite beverage to their getting ready suite with a note for all to enjoy in the room!

3. Surprise them with your new dance moves! If you have two left feet, now is a great time to sneak in a few dance lessons. That doesn’t mean you need to plan and choreographed number, but showing up with a bit more confidence on the dance floor the night of your wedding will be a welcome surprise for a partner who loves to boogie.

4. Celebrate with a groom’s cake. If you’re planning something special for a groom, consider the tradition of a groom’s cake, but don’t tell him about it until they wheel it out. The cake should be baked in his favorite flavor and in the shape of one of his favorite things – a sports mascot, hobby, career or other personal fave of his.

5. Take some boudoir shots. You could do this before the big day and deliver the photos to the getting ready room or you can take these photos in your wedding undergarments and surprise him or her after the fact with sexy photos you took the morning of your wedding. Either way, it’s a gift that keeps on giving forever.

6. Say it with a song. Whether it’s a special song you ask the band to play or you serenade your spouse with a love song, show them you love them through song.

7. Engrave your rings. Sneak your wedding date or a special inscription into the inside of your rings when you get them cleaned before the big day. They will be reminded of that romance for a lifetime!

8. End the evening with fireworks. If budget permits, plan a fireworks show for the entire group, but don’t tell your partner about it. Let the big bang be a big surprise for them too!

How will you go the extra mile for your guy or gal on your wedding day?

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