Meaningful Ways to Honor Grandparents at Your Wedding

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A wedding is about more than just the couple exchanging vows. It’s also a celebration of two families coming together, and the journey they have made to get to this moment. So for many brides and grooms, the absence of a grandparent who has passed on is more keenly felt on their wedding day. And of course, if you’re lucky enough to have living grandparents in attendance, that in itself is cause for celebration! Beyond the traditional corsage or boutonniere, here are some special ways to honor grandparents at your wedding, whether they’re there with you in person or in spirit.

Include them in the wedding party. These days, couples are switching up expectations and giving living grandparents more prominent roles in their weddings. There’s even been a recent trend for grandmas acting as flower girls, and grandpas stepping in as ring bearers. It provides such a fun and meaningful moment in the ceremony!

Wear a family heirloom. Wearing an heirloom as your something old or something borrowed is a special way to honor its original owner, whether it’s a piece of jewelry, a vintage veil, or your grandma’s wedding gown.

Pick a special date. Consider holding your wedding on one set of grandparents’ wedding anniversary, as a way of honoring their legacy. It’s also an auspicious way to start your lives together!

Save a dance for them. If your grandparents are in attendance, save a special dance for them. Even if they’re not, you can pay them a musical tribute by dancing to their first dance song as your first dance, or including it on your playlist.

Use their wedding china. Having your grandparents’ china at your place settings (or on the main table) is another sweet way to include them. You can also make use of heirloom pieces on a dessert display. Don’t worry if they don’t match the rest of the setting, because it will only make them stand out more.

Put their recipe on the menu. Food is one of the things that really brings family together and creates lasting memories. Include your grandmother or grandfather’s signature dish on the menu, or make it as a favor (for example, preserves or cookies).

How will you choose to honor grandparents at your wedding?

Image by Rachel Havel

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