Fall is a naturally beautiful time of year, especially here in the Rockies. The golden aspens begin to glow, and the mountain roads are awash with splashes of yellow, red and orange. In fact, lots of people visit Colorado at this time of year just to see the foliage, since together with Utah, we boast the largest number of aspen trees in the U.S. This makes it a picture perfect backdrop for a mountain destination wedding. I recently rounded up a few favorite fall wedding ideas, including a couple that incorporated autumn leaves, and it got me thinking about other ways that you could embrace this classic seasonal motif. Here are 7 fall foliage wedding ideas to consider.

Make a statement with a leafy arch. Whether you’re getting married outdoors or not, you can bring the forest to your ceremony with a leafy arch. Either opt for full foliage and grasses, or combine them with seasonal blooms, like one of our couples did at their fall wedding (pictured above).

Include a leaf motif in your stationery. Your invitation suite is the first opportunity to give guests a taste of your wedding vision. Have your designer include autumnal botanical accents to complement the overall design. You can continue the motif in your day-of stationery for a cohesive look.

Use leaves as place cards. Instead of just using plain paper place cards, have a calligrapher letter your guests’ names on autumn leaves and either use them as escort cards or place one at each setting.

Create a hanging leaf display. We’ve seen greenery displays above tables for a couple of years now. For a fall wedding, instead of greenery, opt for a vertical installation of orange, red and yellow leaves, and add café lighting to make it extra cozy.

Throw leaves instead of confetti. Here’s an eco-friendly idea that makes for great photos at a fall wedding, especially if you’re having it outdoors! Collect autumn leaves and provide them to guests instead of confetti for a leaf toss at the end of the ceremony.

Wear a leafy metallic crown. If you want to look like an autumn goddess, then opt for a fall-inspired crown or hair decoration with gold or silver leaves. So pretty!

Use foliage to decorate the wedding cake. Just as flowers are often used to transform a plain white tiered cake in spring and summer, a combination of foliage, seed pods, berries and feathers can make for a beautiful seasonal homage at a fall wedding.

What are your favorite autumn wedding ideas?

Image by Sarah Roshan

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