Grazing tables are big news in wedding and event catering at the moment. And our taste buds couldn’t be happier! After all, who wouldn’t want to feast on a decadent spread of charcuterie, cheeses, dips, nuts, olives, and fresh produce? These displays scream laid back luxury and are super sociable, which makes them a great option for destination weddings in Colorado and beyond. But what exactly is a grazing table, and how can you incorporate it into your wedding day?

A grazing table, to put it simply, is an upgrade on the traditional buffet. It’s an artful arrangement of yummy treats, designed for guests to dip into and help themselves. All while mixing and mingling with one another. As you can imagine, it makes a great conversation piece! Grazing tables typically include a selection of cheeses, meats, antipasti, artisan breads and crackers, as well as fruits, vegetables, dips, chutneys and other condiments, and snacky bits like olives and nuts. As a wedding trend, it started in Australia, and now is making a splash with foodie couples here too!

As I mentioned before, grazing tables are great at creating a more relaxed, conversational atmosphere amongst your guests. Like some other alternative wedding catering options such as food trucks and interactive stations, they help to make the menu at your wedding a real experience, rather than just something you serve up.

If you’re thinking green and want to include local produce in your wedding, grazing tables are a fabulous option. Include local specialties, and ask your caterer to source from local suppliers. You should also try to stick to seasonal food, for the freshest farm-to-table feel.

Another bonus to grazing tables is their flexibility in terms of when you decide to include one in your celebration. You could have a grazing table as part of your cocktail hour. It could be the main event, with a substantial feasting table (perfect for a boho wedding). You could even use it as a late night snack. This lets guests top up their energy levels so they can stay on the dance floor late into the night. You could also have a special dessert grazing table, where guests can pick out their favorites (and return for seconds!). However you include it, grazing is a wonderful way to spoil your guests and make them feel welcome and loved.

However, what really sets grazing tables apart from old-school buffets is the way they look. Part of the attraction of a good grazing table is that it is beautifully styled. It’s a feast for the eyes as well as the palate! And while the eating style is casual, it still has a sense of occasion. It’s all about a gorgeous arrangement of delicacies, with a mix of colors, textures and other compositional features. The overall effect is one of indulgence and luxury, and definitely creates that Insta-worthy wow factor! Guests will love looking at it almost as much as they’ll love eating it.

Are you considering a grazing table for your wedding?

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