How to Create a Feeling of Warmth at Your Wedding

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The days are getting shorter and the nights colder here in Colorado, so our thoughts are naturally turning to fall and winter weddings. The colder months are a spectacularly beautiful time here in the mountains, but of course, they’re chilly too! So it’s important to keep your guests comfortable and happy, and make your event as cozy and inviting as possible. Here are a few easy ways to blend comfort and celebration, and make even the largest wedding feel intimate and warm.

Start with the venue. If possible, choose a venue that lends itself to fall and winter weddings. For example, look for a space with wooden floors, good insulation, and cozy features like an indoor fireplace. Add area rugs to granite floors and provide outdoor heaters or take advantage of the fire pit if there is one to keep guests toasty when they’re outside.

Give guests blankets or pashminas. Blankets and wraps perform double duty as thoughtful provisions at the wedding and favors guests can take home. To make them extra special, have your names and wedding date embroidered on them so as to serve as a lasting (and useful!) memento of your big day. Or…have each blanket custom embroidered with your guests’ names!

Serve hot beverages. Hot drinks are an obvious way to warm your guests up, but you don’t have to limit yourself to coffee or cocoa. Serve steamy mulled wine, hot cider, hot toddies or spiked eggnog pre-ceremony and during cocktail hour, and make sure the bar is stocked with warming liquors like rum, cognac and whisky. Be sure to add comfort foods to the menu too.

Use candlelight to create ambience. Lighting is one of the most effective ways to create a feeling of warmth. Stock up on candles and place them everywhere you can: from altar and aisle to centerpieces. The flickering flames will create a lovely intimate atmosphere, reflected by the glassware on the tables.

Have a pie table. Forget wedding cake. Pie is the way to go for a cozy fall or winter wedding! There’s something so comforting and irresistible about this dessert, and it adds to the homely, heartfelt feeling. Serve a selection of your favorites, including much-loved family recipes.

How will you bring warmth to your Colorado destination wedding?

Top image by Danielle DeFiore

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