5 Over-the-Top Ideas to Elevate an Event

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I’ll always love classic, heartfelt, understated wedding details. But sometimes it’s not about being subtle. Sometimes, it’s all about the wow factor! Showing your guests something they’ve never seen before may not always be easy on the budget, but it takes an event to extraordinary levels. Whether it’s an ultra lavish ceremony space or an immersive cocktail hour experience, just one jaw-dropping detail can elevate an entire event and leave a lasting impression on your guests. Here are five extravagant, over-the-top ideas to inspire!

Dramatic Florals

Size is everything when it comes to statement-making florals, whether it’s oversized arrangements lining your aisle or a garden of greenery and blooms hanging from the ceiling at your reception. More is definitely more! Choose a single focal point to build a one-of-a-kind floral art installation, like a huge floral chandelier over the dance floor or an opulent sweetheart table dripping with orchids. Just about any space can be completely transformed with a very generous floral allowance.

LED Staging

Take the drama up a few levels at your reception by installing LED staging behind the band or DJ, for a stage show that will keep the dance floor pumping! The latest LED wall mapping technology can create some incredible effects. You can even have a concert at your reception with modern event technology. There are endless creative possibilities! You could also use a LED wall to stream your guests’ social media posts from the wedding, using your hashtag, for a fun interactive experience.

Live Entertainment

If there’s one way to truly surprise and delight your guests, it’s with some over-the-top entertainment. Think: ballerinas, acrobatic performers, living topiaries, synchronized swimmers, or an orchestra! Entertainment like this is about creating an unexpected experience for your guests and it’s one they’ll be talking about for years to come.

Multi-Layer Cakes

If you want to follow in the footsteps of royalty and celebrities, forget the traditional three-layer cake. Sky-high, nine-layer cakes are it. Covered in fondant decoration and cascading blooms, they definitely have the wow factor. Some couples even opt to have their cake in a specially decorated room, where you can appreciate this piece of culinary art in all its glory!

Statement Send-Off

Sparkler send-offs are fun, but what about a whole fireworks display? Or instead of driving off in a vintage car, how about a helicopter? Or a sailboat? The same principle also applies for entrances, which are also a great time to make a big impression.

Ultimately, the thing about grand, over-the-top ideas is that they usually don’t work in isolation. Some of the most wow moments at Bella events have come from the close collaboration between the couple, ourselves, and the other vendors. This kind of creative partnership is the best way to generate fresh ideas and unexpected twists, and pull off something different and amazing.

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