Creative Ways to Weave Your Wedding Logo into Your Big Day

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Branding your big day is one way to weave a subtle theme throughout the details. Mixing your two names together (like a celeb couple), creating a custom monogram or using a decorative motif in the form of a logo that reflects the setting (or the two of you) are ways to brand your wedding to you! I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite creative ways to weave your wedding logo into your event. Sometimes less is more so consider a handful of these ideas that stand out to you, but not all at once!

Invitation suites, signs and paper goods. If the invitation sets the tone for your event, start with the graphic you plan to weave into the entire day. Custom invitation designers (like us!) make it easy to include a branded look into all the touch points you desire. Many will even design and create your motif for you. Then include it on wedding signage on the big day and the favor tags to end the evening.

Napkins and cocktail napkins. Custom cocktail napkins are common practice at weddings now. If you opt for a monogram or motif, this is an inexpensive way to weave it in. Or spring for an embroidered linen napkin during dinner to really dazzle your guests.

Dance floor and bar. Custom dance floors can elevate your reception space and help get the party started. Customizing the front of your bars takes that design to an entirely new level, especially with your logo!

Accessories and gifts. From a custom clutch for your walk down the aisle to branded candles in the restrooms, think of all those little extras and where you might add your personal touch.

Games, drinks and confetti. Planning a game of cornhole at your cocktail hour? Why not order a custom version (Etsy has lots of options)? Then you can enjoy your new toy all summer long after the wedding is done. You can even toss custom confetti with your initials or wedding logo after the “I do’s.”

Cake and desserts. A cake topper in your monogram or fondant themed motif is a sweet way to end the evening!

Will you weave a common theme or motif through your event details? If you do, I recommend some of these ideas – but not all together! Too much of a good thing is still just too much in this case!

Photo by Ashley Sawtelle.

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