In terms of color, 2019 has definitely been the year of orange! From bright tangerine and coral to terracotta and magnolia, we’re seeing an orange skew in everything from fashion to interiors. And of course that includes weddings! One of the hottest shades of orange right now is one that I think works particularly well for Rocky Mountain weddings: rust. Rust is a smoky burnt orange-red that’s earthy but energetic, retro but very fresh. It’s a classic fit for fall weddings. But don’t limit it to autumn. It also combines effortlessly with pastels like blush and millennial pink and with natural textures like wicker, pampas and rattan. It’s also reminiscent of ’70s styling, as well as natural desert tones, which are both trending at the moment. All of which makes it a great color to consider for your Colorado wedding palette!

Here are five great ways to use rust as a wedding color.

Groom suits. Colored suits for the gents have been a thing for a few years now, but it’s only recently that rust has had its moment in the spotlight! Rust suits make a great style statement for dapper grooms, whatever the season.

Bridesmaid dresses. While a complete lineup of rust bridesmaid dresses may be a little overwhelming, it’s a magnificent shade for mix and match. Have your girls wear a range of rust, taupe, dusty orange and sage or emerald dresses for a stunning earthy-glam lineup.

Accent florals. As I mentioned, rust works so well with natural textures, including dried flowers, pods and grasses that are so popular at the moment. It pops beautifully in accent florals in bouquets, floral arches and centerpieces. You even could add a pretty punch of rust to your bouquet with ribbons.

Velvet. Rust and velvet are just made for one another! This plush texture is a great way to elevate your wedding styling via furnishings, linens, bridesmaid dresses or even embossed velvet wedding stationery. Rust is just the color to do it in!

Tables. Adding a dash of rust to your tables immediately adds depth and makes the look more nuanced and sophisticated. You could go all out with a rust tablecloth or runner, or keep it more minimal with napkins or table stationery. Combine it with natural textured table accents like leather or macramé. Copper is another great option, since the color is essentially a metallic version of rust.

So what do you think? Would you use a rust wedding color?

Top image by: Kara Pearson Photography

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