How to Incorporate Colorado Wildflowers into Your Wedding

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One of the best things about living in Colorado is seeing the annual explosion of spring wildflowers in meadows and on mountainsides. We have more than 750 different varieties growing naturally in our state! So it’s no wonder that many couples planning a Colorado destination wedding in spring or summer want to include wildflowers in some way. Their untamed beauty has a rustic, natural charm that’s the opposite of a highly structured and manicured look. Also, the colors are incredible!

There are a few things you should know, however. Picking wildflowers for your wedding is a definite no. It deprives others of the enjoyment and can actually damage the eco-system. It’s also illegal in state parks. So you’ll definitely want to work with a local florist. They will also be able to advise you on the seasonal availability and which blooms are hardy enough to last through a full wedding day in the sun. Don’t let these factors put you off, though! Wildflowers and wildflower-inspired arrangements are a stunning addition to any Colorado destination wedding. Here are a few creative ways you can incorporate them into your big day. Not all require many (or even any) flowers, so there’s something here for everyone!

Hair accessories. There’s nothing prettier than a few wildflowers tucked into a bridal braid, pinned to an updo, or woven into a flower girl crown! Likewise, you could have them for your bridesmaids too.

Bridal bouquet. Wildflower bouquets are so carefree and romantic. Whether you create your bouquet completely from wildflowers like sunflowers and daisies or simply add a few in as showcase blooms, it will be unique and beautiful.

Boutonnieres. Don’t forget the groom. Small sprigs of wildflowers make a perfect boutonniere for the groom and his party. They’ll look great, whether they’re dressed in formal or more casual attire.

Wedding invitations. One of the easiest ways to incorporate wildflowers into your wedding at any time of year is in your stationery. Having wildflower-decked invitations is also a great way to give your guests a taste of your Colorado destination wedding style! We create a lot of these looks with our custom stationery division, Richard’s Notebook.

Centerpieces. I love that freshly picked look for wedding centerpieces! You can achieve this with real Colorado wildflowers or simply by having looser, nature-inspired arrangements. From antique vessels to simple glass vases or elegant modern containers, the look can fit a variety of styles.

Place settings. A sweet way to mark each place setting is with a single wildflower placed on the napkin or accompanied by a pretty calligraphy tag or menu. I’ve even seen guests add these to their buttonholes or pin them into their hair, which adds a lovely festive flair!

Table names. An easy way to add wildflowers to your tables is to name each table after a local wildflower. This is also a good solution if you’re struggling with flower availability. Another great destination wedding detail!

Wedding cake decorations. Have your baker decorate your cake with a few real wildflowers for a beautiful, organic touch. They look especially pretty dressing up a simple buttercream or naked cake.

Wildflower seed favors. Why not use wildflowers as your favors? Certainly, guests will love receiving little seed packets that they can grow at home. Additionally, the flowers will be a long-lasting reminder of your happy day!

Photo backdrops. Want to really enjoy Colorado wildflowers in all their glory on your big day? Then arrange your couple’s session in a spot where wildflowers are in full view! They make for amazing pictures for you and even a photo booth too.

Whichever of these ideas you pick, your wedding is sure to be ‘blooming’ lovely!

Top image by Two Elk Studios

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