6 Creative Wedding Ideas from Engage!19: Baha Mar

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I’ve just returned from another incredible trip to an Engage Summit where my peers and I learn from one another, share our businesses and our stories and get inspired for the wedding season to come. It’s the place where the best and brightest in the wedding industry from around the world gather and I had the honor of presenting this time about a project I’m very passionate about – the Engage Foundation (but more on that later this week). In the meantime, I want to share a few fun takeaways from the parties and galas that we got to experience, in hopes that these just might be inspiring for you and your big day too.

This most recent event was held at the new Baha Mar, a trio of luxury hotels right on the white sandy beaches of the Caribbean. The Bahamas was the perfect backdrop for the festivities and you can see why!

Here are 6 creative wedding ideas inspired by Engage!19.

Wedding guests can come in pink. Baha Mar is home to a flock of growing flamingos. We were lucky enough to be joined by them (and their handlers) for a cocktail party on the lawn at Rosewood Baha Mar. The photo opps were amazing as our new feathered friends took some great selfies with us. I’m seeing more and more events bring in rescue animals, puppies and other unique guests for a visit (and in some cases, even an adoption or two). Though flamingos were a first for me!

Color is everything. Don’t be afraid to design with color. A blush or white wedding is still timeless and beautiful but color is back with vibrance and a celebratory feeling of fun. Just ask The Flour Shop out of New York who served up cake push-pops for a midday snack.

The playlist can be as themed as the party. For the Bond themed gala, Elan Artists dressed their lead singer in a parachute-like skirt as she sang “Skyfall” surrounded by black-tie clad dancers. The music can set the mood and really sell a theme so don’t be afraid to have fun with it.

Experiential escort cards. An escort card (or place card) doesn’t have to be a card at all. At the Bond themed formal gala at Engage!19: Baha Mar guests were invited to pick up a vintage phone, receive their “mission” and be told where to find their seat for the evening. A brilliant activity for a cocktail hour and fun way to immerse guests into the environment and theme.

Design should be daring. Just like the color craze happening right now, a bold and daring style of event design is on the horizon. That means mixed metals, metallics and even ceiling installations in after party spaces to rival some of the world’s hottest nightclubs. The gala celebration at this Engage Summit was designed by Emily Clarke and in the spirit of community over competition, she shared with us some of the genius in her head, brought to life in the most magical way in The Bahamas.

Giving your party a sense of place is always a good idea. Since we celebrated in The Bahamas, naturally that meant outdoor parties, colorful installations and fantastic music with pool time fun. Guests had the opportunity to enjoy the destination in a variety of ways. Remind your friends and family why you selected the spot you did by infusing your surroundings into your celebration.

Stay tuned for more from my Engage!19: Baha Mar experience, including a look at the good our group is doing around the world to give back.

Photos by Paul Morse, Love Life Images, Charla Storey, John Cain Photography, Eric Kelley.

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