20 Questions to Ask a Destination Wedding Venue

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So you’re planning a destination wedding! Perhaps you’ve already selected a shortlist of venues and ideally are planning a trip to your possible wedding locations to visit each of them in person and see which best suits your needs. It makes a huge difference to walk through the spaces, experience the venue, and meet the people who will be involved in your big day. And of course, there’s lots of information you’ll need to gather!

There are a number of basic questions to ask any wedding venue (such as capacity, availability and cost). But there are also some questions specific to a destination wedding venue, whether you’re planning a mountain wedding or an island celebration. I’ve listed 20 below. Be sure to clear all these up before you book your venue!

  1. How far in advance do you need to book the venue?
  2. Are there any other events going on at the venue or resort on the day of the wedding?
  3. What private indoor and outdoor spaces are available for a wedding and how many guests can each of them accommodate?
  4. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, does the venue have indoor space available for the ceremony and reception in case of bad weather?
  5. Is the hotel or resort a child-friendly venue, and if so, is there an age cut-off?
  6. Are there any restrictions on the volume and duration of music?
  7. Is there an all-inclusive option for guests?
  8. Are there any legal formalities or identification documents required to hold a wedding at the location?
  9. What is the weather typically like in the month of the wedding?
  10. Does the destination wedding venue have enough overnight accommodation for your guests (or the wedding party)? If so, do you have to book a minimum number of rooms or spend a minimum amount on accommodations?
  11. Are there any discounts available on bulk accommodation bookings? What are their payment procedures? Do you have to guarantee the room block or is it a courtesy hold?
  12. What are the “plus plus” charges for the wedding and for your guests? Is there a resort fee per room per night plus tax plus service?
  13. What incentives can they offer to book volume with them (i.e. wedding suite upgrade)? Do they offer a complimentary bridal suite?
  14. Are they aware of any upcoming renovations or changes to the property prior to the wedding date?
  15. What kinds of activities are available on site or nearby? What is included for guests at no charge or part of the resort fee?
  16. Can the venue host or arrange a rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding, a post-wedding brunch, or any other wedding weekend events?
  17. Do they offer a shuttle service to and from the airport for out of town guests? Do they offer a complimentary shuttle into town for day trips?
  18. Are they able to have hair and makeup done on site? (It may also be worth asking whether they have local hair and makeup artists they would recommend.)
  19. Are facilities available to steam or iron your wedding dress, especially if you’ve travelled with it by air?
  20. What are their insurance requirements for you and your vendors?

Don’t be afraid to ask all the questions you need to. And if you’re not sure, ask again. Happy destination wedding planning!

Top image by Sarah Roshan

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