7 Wedding Cake Alternatives for your Colorado Wedding

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Wedding cake isn’t for everyone. Perhaps you and/or your sweetheart aren’t ‘cake people’. Maybe you have allergies and diet choices to accommodate in yourselves or your guests. Or maybe you just have a particular sweet treat you’re obsessing over, and want to share it with your guests. Whatever the reason, there’s nothing to say that you have to serve cake at your wedding, or that you have to serve JUST cake. Dessert is a great opportunity to show an extra bit of your personality on your wedding day. Options are pretty much limitless, and if you style your desserts in tiers or stacks, they’ll make a delightful twist on the traditional wedding cake. So here are my top modern wedding cake alternatives – with a Colorado twist!

Pie Bar. Pie bars and displays have been growing in popularity for a few years now, and often include family favorites and homegrown recipes. You could focus on a single pie or filling, or else serve a variety. But be sure to include a Palisade Peach Pie filled with Colorado’s delicious local produce!

Doughnut Tower. A tower of delicious, beautifully styled doughnuts makes a fun and delicious addition to your wedding reception. You can even include a cake topper! Reach out to a local bakeshop to ensure that your doughnuts are fresh on the day of your wedding and even consider serving these as a late night snack.

Ice Cream Sandwiches. Not only is ice cream a popular summer wedding dessert, but you can serve it in a number of ways like a sundae bar or a popsicle stand. Peteybird in Denver makes gourmet ice cream sandwiches that are easy for guests to handle without too much mess, and are served from adorable pink bike carts!

Yogurt Bar. We’re a healthy bunch here in the Rockies! Instead of an ice cream bar, opt for a yoghurt bar, where guests can serve up their own yogurt parfaits topped with granola, fruit, nuts, coconut and curd. It’s healthy, gluten free, and also supports the local Colorado dairy industry.

Cupcake Tower. If you like cake, but want a twist, you can opt for a tower of cupcakes instead. There are many amazing local bakeries, including Yours Truly Cupcake, who specialize in booze-infused delectables!

Dessert Beers. Who says your dessert has to be a dessert at all? Colorado is known for its craft breweries, and several produce delicious dessert beers (for example, Vanilla Porter or rich Chocolate Stout).

S’mores. What better dessert for a mountain winter wedding than this classic campfire favorite? Guests will love assembling their own – but do provide hand wipes to help with sticky fingers!

Would you serve any of these sweet treats as an alternative or in addition to your wedding cake?

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