4 Hacks for the Ultimate Personalized Wedding

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Wedding personalization is probably the only trend never going out of style. There are so many ways to make your day uniquely you but there’s also a lot of pressure these days to do so. If you’re stuck on details, here are a few wedding planning tricks and 4 hacks for the ultimate personalized wedding.

Spend some time on Etsy. You’d be surprised at what you can find from small shops and local artisans online now. If you can dream it, there’s a good chance someone on Etsy can create it. From custom etched wooden place cards to customized vows books, all those beautiful big day details with your colors, names, date, location and just about anything else can be ordered on Etsy.

Design custom stationery, wedding invitations and paper goods. Creating an invitation suite that’s all your own will help set the tone for an experience that’s completely personal to the two of you. That’s why we have a stationery division under Bella, called Richard’s Notebook. We believe in making each and every paper detail (sometimes not paper), as unique as the couple we’re working with. If your friends and loved ones can feel you in the announcement of your coming wedding, they’ll want to be there that much more!

Express your love – everywhere. Whether you write personal vows to each other, individual welcome letters to each destination wedding guest or give a toast of gratitude and love at your wedding, you as the couple set the tone to make even the biggest of weddings feel intimate and personal. And this doesn’t have to cost a thing! We all know people remember how you make them feel, so help them feel your love at every touch point in the day and it will feel incredibly personal for each person in attendance, regardless of how much or little time you actually get to spend with them.

Dress like YOU. Somewhere along the way we were all told to wear a white wedding dress and a black tuxedo or dark suit. Rules and traditions are changing and frankly, there’s no one to enforce those rules anyway! If you don’t want to wear white because your wardrobe is always colorful, your wedding day shouldn’t be any different. The quickest way to show off your personality is in how you dress. That could be like Carrie Bradshaw with a bird as a headpiece or it could be with a cool bow tie picturing his love of dogs. Don’t fall victim to fashion statements that rob you of your flair, wear something you love, regardless of what that is.

And if you find yourself stuck at any point, just think about what the two of you love most in life – about your home, your lifestyle, your vacations, your families, your love story and draw inspiration from things that stand out to you! There are no wrong ways to make your own wedding all yours!

Photo Credit: Lacie Hansen

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