5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Ceremony Extra Personal to You

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If you’re saying I do in an epic Colorado location, a wide open field, on a mountain top, or even in your hometown church, creating a personal ceremony that not only sets the tone for the rest of the wedding but sets the tone for success together is so important. Depending on whether or not you’re opting for a religious ceremony will dictate how unique and individual you can get, so keep that in mind with these ideas. But when opportunity presents itself in any form, I encourage you to get personal with your ceremony. You’ll be glad you did! Looking for ideas? Consider these 5 ways to make your wedding ceremony extra personal to you.

1. Ask a loved one to officiate. Having a friend or family member officiate your wedding can be extremely meaningful and personal. They know you best. They also know your wants and likes better than most. Working with a friend on a personal ceremony is not only sweet and sentimental on the day of the wedding but can be very special leading up to it too.

2. Write your own vows (even if you only repeat and recite them after the officiant). Including a few personal (and even playful) vows can be very meaningful to one another. If you are nervous about speaking in front of the crowd, give your vows to your officiant ahead of time and ask them to read them for you to repeat, one at a time. It feels more formal and traditional and it’s less work on your part but your personal sentiments are still said.

3. Involve your families. If you have a child together, nieces or nephews or siblings or parents you can involve, consider asking them to play a part. This could come in the form of a family set of vows for couples with kids or merging families. Or it could be a simple blessing or reading that involves one or all members of your families. If it’s a very intimate wedding, you could even ask every guest to recite a vow or well wish for you during the ceremony. Anything that involves audience participation feels extra personal to all who are there.

4. Surprise your spouse. Perhaps there’s something meaningful to you two or to the other person that you know they would love worked into your wedding. Don’t be afraid to pepper in small surprises here and there throughout the day, including in the ceremony. This could be as simple as having your fur baby or pup present as a last minute surprise or it could be a song that you know your partner will love (walk down the aisle to a song that’s surprising and special to them). The idea doesn’t have to cost a lot to be deeply special.

5. Make your program a memento. Don’t forget to include others that are important to you in your program. Say thanks to your families, the people that traveled to be there, anyone that had a roll in the ceremony and to those who support you. You can even include fun facts, special photos or anything sentimental in the program too. Sending guests home with another token of your love (and something that can educate them about what and who matters to you while they wait) makes your ceremony that much more personal.

Think about what really matters to you two as a couple and find sweet ways to weave those elements into your ceremony. Your guests will love it and you will never forget it.

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