5 Sweet (and secret) Ways to Say I Love You on Your Wedding Day

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Your wedding is going to feel a bit like a public display of affection, because in many ways it is. You recite your vows to one another, profess love for your partner and celebrate the decision you’ve made to spend your lives together in front of your friends and families. But not all expressions of love on this day need to be shared on a stage. With so much going on around you and so many people circling, sometimes it’s nice to secretly say “I love you” and have it mean even more to your new spouse. Here are a few sentimental and sweet ways to secretly tell him or her how much you care on your wedding day.

Write your partner a love letter. This tradition has become part of the getting ready phase of the day in the past decade but it doesn’t have to be. Sure, you can send a gift to the bridal suite or getting ready area with a sentimental card but instead, what if you surprised your love with a letter when they wake up. Give the person a great start to the day with a little quiet time to digest all you have to say.

Ask your photographer to do a boudoir shoot the morning of your wedding. You may already have plans to slip into some sexy lingerie under your wedding dress so why not take advantage of a little down time and have your look photographed before the festivities begin. When you eventually present your partner with the pictures, they will always remember how sexy you looked on your wedding day and will appreciate the extra thought you put into giving them something special even with all that was going on.

Give the gift of comfort food or drink. If you are both getting ready at a hotel but in different rooms, ask the hotel to send up his or her favorite meal and surprise them with something that might settle their nerves. This could be as simple as their favorite cup of coffee in the morning! But if friends are around, don’t forget to include the wedding party too – gifts for the guys or gals go a long way.

Send your love a video. If you’ve decided not to see each other before the ceremony, send your partner a video with well wishes, calming thoughts and of course lots of love. They’ll keep it close forever!

Embroider a symbol of your love or your partner into something you wear. This could be his initials in your wedding dress where no one can see until you show him or it could be her name on a hanky he carries. Something small and unseen – except by you two.

And of course, don’t forget to whisper in their ear! A sweet secret goes a long way in a crowd (and costs you nothing).

Cheers to feeling wildly loved and giving that love in return on your wedding day…and ever after!

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