Refined Ways to Include Instagram in your Wedding Day

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It’s hard to believe that until just a few years ago, Instagram didn’t even exist, don’t you agree? It feels like it’s been part of our daily lives forever. In the same way, for better or worse, Instagram is also going to be part of your wedding day experience. Whether you embrace it or not, your guests do so plan ahead and create the experience you want to. The good news is that with a little thought and planning, you can infuse your favorite social media platform into the big day in classy and elegant ways. Here are a few ideas to consider!

Create a personalized wedding hashtag. Of course, wedding hashtags are nothing new. They do serve a useful purpose, however, by allowing easy access to all your guests’ photos in one place. They’re also a great way for friends and family who can’t attend to feel included. Be sure to display your hashtag in a way that is complementary to the rest of the décor and situated where guests are likely to see it. For example, frame signs that use the same design as the rest of your wedding stationery and place them on the bar. You could also add your hashtag to custom cocktail napkins, menus or favor tags.

Set up an Insta-worthy backdrop. Want to make sure your Insta-loving guests don’t waste time looking for the perfect backdrop instead of mixing and mingling? Give them a backdrop that wows! The sooner they get those selfies out of the way, the sooner they’ll be back on the dance floor. Floral installations make a great feature, as do flower arches and walls. Or how about going vintage with a 1920s-style paper moon?

Offer a phone charging station. If your guests are going to be ’gramming, they’re probably going to drain their batteries before the night is over. Help them out by providing a ‘power bar’ with a power strip and chargers.

Use Instagram images as place cards. For a personal touch, choose an image from each guest’s Insta grid, print it out, and use it as a place card or escort card. You could also print tiny versions of the images and attach them to drink stirrers. It’s a perfect ice-breaker and conversation piece, and your guests will be flattered you made the effort!

Hire an Instagram printing booth or live feed wall. A fun and interactive way to encourage guests to keep snapping away is to give them instant access to the pictures before the reception has even ended. You can hire a hashtag printing service, or one who will set up a live ‘wall’ with images using your hashtag projected on to it.

Most importantly, though, put your phone down! It’s important for you to be present and engaged in your day, not focused on a screen. If you want to update your own account throughout the day, make sure that you delegate your own Instagram to someone like a bridesmaid or social media savvy friend.

And if you want an unplugged wedding, that’s okay too! Just alert your guests through signage, a note on your ceremony program or other place they’ll be sure to see your request!

Top image by Megan Wynn

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