What to Include in a Wedding Program

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If you’re planning a summer wedding, chances are you’re starting to work on those fun day-of details, the pretty paper goods and all the last minute touches that make your big day truly reflect the two of you. That often includes a wedding ceremony program! But what do you include in a wedding program? That depends on you. The program will be given to guests prior to the start of the ceremony. This is a great time to entertain guests with fun facts and interesting information but also to inform them of what’s to come. There are a few basics you want to weave into it and then the personal touches too. When designing your wedding program, remember these key details:

The Who and When: Always include your names and the date. If you’d like to add the location, you can do that as well, though it’s not essential.

The Run of Show: This is the order in which the ceremony will take place. You can list specific songs for the prelude, the processional, the recessional and any other significant points for music as well as any readings, prayers, exchanging of vows and rings or other ceremonial plans you’ve made. If anyone is participating in your ceremony through a reading or other tradition, be sure to share their names as well.

The Key Players: Share with your guests who is standing by your side. This includes the name of the officiant, the wedding party, parents, flower girls or ring bearers and anyone else participating in your ceremony.

To make your ceremony program more personal, you can add photos of the important people, stories of how you know each of them, a personal thank you from the couple (this is a big plus!), or any other fun facts about the destination, the date or anything of significance to the ceremony.

The wedding program can be a formal booklet, a simple single sheet of card stock or even a paper fan or special shape. It can come attached to something to protect guests from the elements in which you plan to wed (like a parasol or fan) or it can stand alone and be placed on each seat or in a basket at the start of the ceremony. Your ushers can even hand these out if you’d like. This is your chance to make the program personal to you and your day. There are no rules as to what it should look like or how it should be presented, just be sure to include the basics (and that of course includes any religious notes needed).

Remember, this is the first touchpoint of the day for your wedding guests so show them how special the day will be by welcoming them with a little touch of magic and the important information too.

Photos by: Sarah Roshan

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