3 Rules When Using Color in Your Wedding Day

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Color is making a comeback in wedding palettes this year and I love it! Color can help express a couple’s personalities with such life and celebration. Pops of bright color can also lift the energy in the room, make guests feel even more a part of the party and can dress up an otherwise dull space. But using bright wedding colors comes with a few caveats. Before you opt for florals in every color of the rainbow, keep these design ideas in mind:

1. Trends are just that – trends. Beware of jumping on the bandwagon of a very popular hue or pairing. Chances are by the time your wedding video is delivered, the trend will be gone and your wedding will quickly appear dated. Keep in mind a level of timelessness to the combinations you choose.

2. Use color in natural ways. This may sound obvious, but not necessarily. If you want a certain shade of pink, consider weaving it in through flowers instead of trying to match a linen to an idea in your head. When you start to order multiple manmade products in a particular color, you run the risk of them varying in shade and that may pose a problem for your design palette. Variations in fresh product like florals are okay – they look and feel natural, because they are!

3. Consider a base color and build around that. If there’s a color you love, start there. Then add to it with tones that compliment the color in the setting and season you’re getting married in. If that’s the only color you want – keep it clean and just add white. If you’d like a mixture of colors, consider your favorite as the bold statement and all others the accents.

Like with any decision you make for your wedding day, if you gravitate towards a palette, theme, color or shade, take into consideration what the two of you really love in life and let that guide you to the color palette that’s right for you.

Photos by: Carrie Patterson Photography

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