Our clients care about details. They want those small personal touches that leave a lasting impression on their guests. They want their personalities to shine through in their event choices and their favorite things to find their way into the wedding day. And that’s exactly what we work hard to achieve for the brides and grooms we work with. From the stationery to the boutonnieres, every special touch should be exactly that – special. But sometimes those details can get forgotten or lost in photographs. It’s important to treasure not only the item on the day of but capture it for memories to come. That’s where a fantastic wedding photographer comes in (they’re worth their weight in gold!). If you’ve planned small touches, designed a beautiful wedding suite or even have a surprise or two on the horizon, tell your photographer about it ahead of time so they can be prepared to capture the moment or detail. Then, if getting your wedding published is important to you (for some couples it is), plan to bring props ahead of time or inquire if your team takes this on for you. Styling your wedding photos when capturing details like invitations, shoes, florals and sometimes even table settings, helps tell a full visual story that is truly breathtaking.


To style those small details that make a big impact, set aside time in the timeline. Speak to your florist about bringing a few extra blooms. Ask your wedding planner and photographer if they have props they can bring. Save a copy or two of your wedding invitation and remember to bring them to the wedding to be photographed as well. Then pull samples of all your wedding day paper goods and set them aside for pictures too. If you have a ring box, any family heirlooms or accessories you plan to wear, be sure to share that with your team so they can make magic with them in pictures.

Planning ahead with a little extra ribbon, a few stamps, even items you might find your hotel room can really enhance your images. But time is of the essence on the wedding day so prepare and give your team the time they need to capture everything you’ve planned. Working with your wedding planner on this will be a big help to creating a successful (and on time) wedding day.

And as I said before, it helps to have an amazing wedding photographer. These photos were taken by Tamara Gruner, who recently shared more of this magical wedding we produced on her blog. We’re saving the whole big day to share a bit later but in the meantime, see more over on Tamara’s blog. And Tamara, thanks so much for the lovely shout out on our Brides Magazine top wedding planners in the US honor! We’re thrilled to be a part of such a great group.


Photos by Tamara Gruner.

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