What to Put in a Colorado Destination Wedding Welcome Bag

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If you’re planning a destination wedding, then a welcome bag is a thoughtful way to greet your guests. And if you’re planning a destination wedding in Colorado, then adding lots of local treats is sure to be especially appreciated! Just imagine arriving in your hotel room, exhausted after a day of travel, to find a bag of goodies from your hosts. It’s such a special way to say thank you for making the effort. It’s also a great way to introduce your guests to some of what Colorado has to offer.

A good wedding welcome bag has a few basic elements that it should always contain. The first is a wedding weekend itinerary. Include this in the bag, along with any other details guests need to know. For example, dress codes, locations, shuttle information and weather. A personal note or card is also always a good idea. Have it match your wedding stationery or simply pick up a few fun postcards.

The second element to consider is how you will present your gift, whether that’s in a box, bag, basket or other container. Boxes are a great idea because they are easy to stack for transport and look stylish (like the ones our couple Ashley and Hughes gave their guests, pictured above). Tote bags are also always a sweet option. You can either have them custom printed with your names, or choose a fun Colorado themed design (like these cute Maptotes).

The rest of the bag should contain a selection of snacks, gifts and practical goodies. For a Colorado destination wedding welcome bag, you could include:

Bottled water. Keeping hydrated is always a good idea, especially here in Colorado and in the altitude. To save guests spending on their minibar water, include a bottle or two of Rocky Mountain Water.         

Something savory. Why not choose a Colorado specialty like Boulder Chips, Olomomo Nuts or Mountain America Bison Jerky? If your guests will be doing any outdoor activities, you could also add in a couple of energy bars.

Something sweet. There are so many local options you could choose. For example, Two Haute Cowgirls Popcorn, Chocolove Chocolate Bars or Enstrom Almond Toffee are great ideas.

Altitude relief. Help guests adapt to the Colorado altitude with Acli-Mate, mini oxygen canisters or Zaca Patches (also handy for a post-wedding hangover!).

Outdoor essentials. Rocky Mountain Sunscreen and chapstick are always a good idea. Otherwise, if you’re having a summer wedding add a can of bug spray or a hand warmer if it’s a winter celebration.

Map or guide book: If you’re planning a destination wedding weekend and guests will have some free time, they’ll appreciate information on local attractions and a good map. These can often be found for free from your local visitors bureau!

You can also add in a couple of souvenirs or local-made gifts, for example, Boyer’s Coffee or Handmade Mountain Time Soap, or something fun that’s a reflection of your relationship. A customized ‘do not disturb’ sign for their hotel door is also always a cheeky addition.

To make sure that delivery goes smoothly, contact the hotel concierge well in advance. Ask whether the gift bags are handed to guests when they check in or dropped off in the room, and whether there is any charge for the service.

Whatever you choose to include, a good welcome bag always kicks things off on a happy note and makes your guests feel cherished!

Photo by Lacie Hansen

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