Wedding Bar Design: It’s in the Details

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There are certain elements of a wedding that are functional – like the bar, for example. Whether you serve alcohol or not, a reception and cocktail hour still require a bar (and maybe more than one depending on your guest count). We like you use areas of function as an opportunity for design. The wedding bar design you choose can enhance an event space and even add something special to it with creative touches uniquely yours and reflective of your theme or environment.

For a recent Colorado wedding we built a bar with firewood stacked within it – fitting of the location. For other events, we’ll create a champagne tower with a brand the couple loves to toast with. If the wedding is more modern, consider a neon sign with names on the front of the bar or fill the space with flowers for a dazzling but more classic design detail.

Regardless of what the front of the bar looks like, dress up the top of it with a few small statement floral pieces. Then consider the backbar for a secondary place of design. The space behind the bar where supplies are kept can be just as creative as the front side. Colored glassware, specialty mugs, personal signage and accessories can add to the overall look and feel of the space. If designing a custom bar is a little out of reach, consider these details that go with it. It’s simple and cost-effective to create custom bar signage with creative cocktail names that go with your theme, monograms and motifs or illustrations to dress up your drink station. It’s amazing what a little extra thought can create when planning details at points of function throughout the night. You might even be able to re-purpose some of your ceremony decor into the backbar or atop the counter. Just remember to leave plenty of space for guests to mix and mingle and drinks to be placed down. After all, the function matters too!

How will you dress up your wedding bar design?


Top Images: Engage!08, Bottom Image: Tamara Gruner Photography

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