How to Know if You’ve Found the Best Wedding Venue for You

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Knowing you’ve found the best wedding venue for you is a big step in the wedding planning process. It’s also a big task! This is the most important decision you’ll make that will dictate the rest of your day. It’s one that should be well-informed and thought out and of course, taken seriously. But it should also be fun!

Shopping for a wedding venue can seem like a daunting task, especially if you’re open to anywhere on the globe. Stay focused, ask informed questions and the best wedding for you will show itself very soon!

So how do you know you’ve found “the one?” You know you’ve found the best wedding venue for you and your group when:

The property fits your guest count. Obviously too small won’t work but too big can be a challenge too. Depending on the space, you may have to shrink the ballroom with pipe and drape, use air walls or install a tent to mark a space that is size appropriate for your group. Keep all these factors in mind when searching as they do effect the budget too!

Determine that the final venue costs (including food and beverage, site fees and basic rentals) are no more than half of your wedding budget. The right venue for you is one that will give you plenty of wiggle room for all the other details of the day!

The date or season you wish to wed is available. Another simple notion but you’d be surprised how many venues, especially in winter destinations like Colorado, aren’t open in the snowy months. So if you’re planning a wedding around a specific date or season, be sure to determine if the venue can accommodate your group then.

If your family has specific religious or cultural needs, be sure the venue can meet them. Some properties will not offer a kosher kitchen or be able to provide Indian cuisine to your liking. They may also not allow an outside caterer to come on site and provide it for you. If you have important priorities of any kind, ensure the venue can make it happen before you know if it’s right for you.

For a destination wedding, consider the distance from the airport and any accommodations. Should you need hotel rooms for your guests, find out what’s nearby if the property doesn’t already have accommodations. Making it easy for your guests to get there on the wedding day from their hotels and get to the destination in general is important. Also consider the hotel room costs. If the venue far exceeds the budgets of your loved ones, you might not be at the right spot.

The curfew works with your wedding. If you like to party late, find out how long the music can play. If the sound has to end early, make sure to understand what after party options the property may have.

The venue is manageable for any disabled or elderly guests you want in attendance. If you have a parent or loved one who has special needs, finding a venue that welcomes them just as easily is certainly a deciding factor in finding the one!

And lastly and most importantly, you just love it. A space should feel right to you and your future spouse. Perhaps you have a personal connection to it or it played a role in your relationship. Whether or not this is your first time to the property, you should get a sense of excitement (or calming) when you arrive and realize you’re at the place you plan to tie the knot!

Happy venue hunting! For some of our favorite Colorado wedding venues that just might be the best wedding venue for you and your group too, check out our website.

Photo by Sarah Roshan.

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