Here in Colorado, we work with a lot of destination wedding couples who come to our beautiful state to say “I do.” We also produce events around the world – in other cities, countries and climates and over the years I’ve learned a lot about the benefits (and challenges) that come with a destination wedding. If you’re planning a destination wedding in the states or abroad, consider a few tips to keep in mind along the way and you’ll have a memorable and stress-free big day!

Take a Trip Before You Book. Planning a destination wedding sight unseen can leave room for unexpected scenarios on the wedding weekend. Not all hotels and properties look like they do online so touring your potential event spaces before you book is key. Then, ideally at least one additional trip is suggested to meet with local vendors, plan the menu and floral decor and finalize your plans before your guests arrive. It may cost a bit more in travel, but you’ll be glad you made the investment.

Work with the Experts. Whether or not your wedding planner has worked in that specific city or not may not matter to you, but you do want a team extensively versed in the art of destination weddings. The chances for things to go wrong do increase, especially when working in another country. But if you’re armed with a team who knows what to anticipate and expect, they’ll be ready to handle anything and everything so that you never know you may have dodged a mishap or two.

Embrace the Setting. You’ve selected something a bit different for a reason, now embrace it! Weave in the destination, the local culture, the food, colors, music and people into your event to show your guests why you feel in love with the setting in the first place. Everyone will enjoy a richer experience that feels authentic to the venue you’ve chosen.

Speak the Language (or know someone who does). Whether or not you speak the language in a country you’re choosing to wed in might not be a deal breaker but be prepared to work with someone who does. You’ll want a key member of your team or multiple people working for you to be able to translate any deal points, desires and plans without the chance for misunderstandings along the way.

Travel with a Pro. Don’t forget to take your destination wedding planner with you! Hiring someone versed in the area where you’re getting married is a bonus but not a requirement. But key is finding the company that you connect with, then trust your team to make magic for you!

Start with these tips when embarking on your destination wedding journey and you’re well on your way to a truly memorable day. Safe travels!

Image by Tamara Gruner Photography.

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