2019 Wedding Trend Mistakes to Avoid: See Us on Vogue.com

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vogue wedding trendsIt’s been a busy start to the new year here at Bella Design & Planning. We’ve been getting to know so many wonderful new friends, couples tying the knot here in Colorado and around the world. I just love to hear your recent engagement stories and all the fun that everyone had over the holidays! Whether you’re planning a destination wedding in Colorado or not, I find most newly engaged couples ask me what mistakes to avoid or what trends not follow each year. There’s a certain level of anxiety that comes with making a decision you think you might regret a year from now when you see it come to life. And that’s okay. These are big decisions. So it’s important not to immediately jump on a trend if it’s not something meaningful or personal to you. Vogue Magazine tends to agree. Recently they interviewed me about what I thought those trend pitfalls might be in 2019.

I suggested that the fake hedge wall, neon signs and flower crowns are out. Now, let me explain. If there’s a personal reason you love a flower crown and you want to wear one on your wedding day, I’m all for it. If that’s what will help you feel your best, most confident and beautiful self, then by all means, a flower crown is meant to be! However, if you’re considering the look simply because you’ve seen others wear one, then the trend is over. It’s been done too many times without a real connection to the style and it’s time we help you find something more suiting to who you are, instead of what the trend is.

Fake hedge walls are also a dated look. I realize they may come in hand to hide unsightly elements of a property in the distance (I use them occasionally) but for up close decor and detail elements, they simply look (and smell) fake. Instead, opt for something more unique to your setting and weave in the natural elements around you.

And I love a neon sign. I’ve used custom neon looks before and they were a lot of fun! That being said, I’ve started to see a lot of them lately. If this look isn’t exactly what you want but more of a look of the moment, then let the look pass.

The bottom line, when making trend decisions, it’s only really a mistake if you’re doing it for the trend’s sake. Instead, look inside and select what’s real and personal to the two of you (trend or not) and you can’t go wrong with your look.

To see the full article, read all the 2019 wedding trend mistakes to avoid according to Vogue here. I was honored to share my insights for the piece along with several of my peers that I love and respect.

Thanks Vogue for including Bella!


Photos: Vogue.com

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