Designing + Hosting a Ballroom Wedding

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2966-072818laughlinWinter season can often mean celebrating inside. If you can bare the cold outdoors for your ceremony, move inside for the reception and your guests will thank you for the cozy atmosphere, especially here in snowy Colorado. The idea of a hotel ballroom wedding may not sound romantic to you, but it certainly can be! Consider our tips to designing a ballroom wedding and your space might feel just as cozy as home.

1. Invest in Lighting: It sounds like something you don’t see a lot of, but that’s the point. Dimming the lights, installing specialty lighting, setting the mood with hundreds of candles, all of these elements enhance the environment and ultimately shine the best possible light (no pun intended) on the beautiful décor elements you’ve invested in. If the mood isn’t set just right with the light, all the other beautiful details won’t look their best.

2. Welcome Guests with a Lounge: Softening a ballroom can be as simple as setting up lounge vignettes and specialty seating in areas of excess space. We like to work with rawhide benches, leather sofas and plush pillows and throws to create a feeling of home in an otherwise formal space. It’s a great place for guests to congregate and relax, especially if dancing isn’t their forte.

3. Bring the Outside in: We often work with a lot of greenery when designing indoors. A ballroom wedding in the mountains should still feel like you’re in the mountains, so work with local product from the outdoors and incorporate it into your event design.

4. Design from Floor to Ceiling: You may not love the carpet of your ballroom so start with a specialty dance floor and design up from there. You can even draw the eye towards the ceiling with fresh product and florals hanging from the chandeliers, then layer the tables in between the floor and ceiling. No one will ever notice the ballroom details you didn’t like in the daylight.

5. Find Excuses for Experiences: The more fun you show your guests, the more memorable the event, no matter the location. Use places of function for places of fashion and fun too. Take the bar for example, turn your ballroom wedding up a notch with a specialty bar incorporating photo cocktails from a photo booth, fresh product the guests can pick from to garnish their glasses, or local tastings of favorites from the region. Every touch point can be an opportunity for a new experience within the room.

If you’re hosting a winter wedding in Colorado, chances are you might be booking a ballroom wedding reception. Keep in mind our ideas above and your party will be picture-perfect!


Photos by IN Photography.

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