Dallas Wedding Takes Over Vail Village

When Ellen Goldberg and I met we determined that her wedding would break barriers.  That we woud take a new approach to planning a wedding in Vail.  Thus, we coordinated the very first wedding on the Solaris plaza in the heart of Vail Village and hosted only the second wedding to be held at the Nobu restaurant, Matsuhisa.  With a six course dinner including sushi, Colorado lamb chops, lychee martinis and monkfish, the guests were thrilled with the savory fare.   If I were a wedding guest and my fifth course was a plate of unlimited sashimi from one of the world’s best sushi chefs I would faint.  Seriously!

This was a fun party if you can’t tell.  Funkaphino rocked the house and with the hora.  Flying shakers and a bar with fabulous drinks created an atmosphere where the guests could truly party until they could barely walk (from dancing of course).  Luckily, we had a pedi cab in the wings to escort the bride and groom to the Four Seasons for their honeymoon. It takes an a special group of people to create this energy, and I want to thank the entire team.  Anthony and Jordan at Matsuhisa, James Michael Lang and his photography/videography team, Cindy and Rochelle from Bloom Flower Shop, Pink Monkey for lighting, Eclectic Hive for decor furniture, Jessica and Chris and the Funkiphino band, Richard’s Notebook for the favor boxes and stationery, Kacee Picot for hair and makeup, and my Bella team Samantha, Jordyn and Lauren.  I couldn’t do it without you!

Ellen and Jack, you are the best!  Your photos tell the story of your incredible chemistry.  Have you ever seen a happier groom?  I loved being your planner, designer and new BFF.  I can’t wait for our next barrier to break.  xo



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