Blair and Andrew Get Married atop Keystone Mountain!

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I just had to leave Michele and Mark from InPhography a message to say how much I have enjoyed looking at Blair and Andrew’s joyful wedding photos.  It’s impossible to look at them without smiling.  There was so much happiness and laughter at this wedding, and boy did this crew party!  I remember going to all of my uncles and aunt’s weddings in Indiana and Texas and people would dance so hard that a dry man’s shirt couldn’t be found.  I’m so glad that my Kappa sister found her sweet Andrew.  They truly are a match made in Heaven, and I couldn’t be happier for their two families.
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The Team:

Event Design and Planning:  Bella Design and Planning

Photography:  InPhotography

Florist:  Bloom

Officiant:  Jason Pizzitola

Cake:  Ned Archibald, Keystone Resorts

Lighting:  Bella Design & Planning

Band:  Soul School

Venue:  Timber Ridge, Keystone Colorado

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