As this is my first blog post on Bella’s behalf, I want to first introduce myself. My name is Tiffany McCracken. I grew up here in the Vail Valley and on December 8th 2012, six short months ago, I married the love of my life. The wedding ceremony was held at the Vail Interfaith Chapel, the same place my mother and deceased father wed 28 years ago. I am an emotional person who spends lots of time thinking about feelings. My feelings, my husbands feelings, the bus drivers feelings, my cats feelings….To put it mildly I am fascinated by the depth of love and pain we as individuals experience everyday. So, all that being said, my posts will hopefully offer you a fresh and unique perspective into the emotional ups and downs behind each and every wedding decision you make.

I want you to know its ok to think as much or as little about your day as you need to be yourself. Planning a wedding is not easy, but for me it was the most rewarding experience I have had in my life. What I learned along the way, the skill set I gained, will be with me forever. One of my sorority sisters, as she was planning her own wedding, posted a Facebook status update four days before her own wedding that said,

“Anyone who has ever gotten married or planned a wedding should be able to put it in BOLD on their resume. If there is a better credential to highlight time management and project management skills, I don’t know what it is.”


That post stuck with me, and I agree with it completely. I became a more successful and knowledgeable person as a result of planning my wedding. So, even though it is not always going to be easy, knowing that you are learning along the way will hopefully help put your mind at ease.


I am looking forward to this story telling experience, and hope my reflections give you insights that help you on your path toward wedded bliss. There are so many different balls you are juggling right now, you just signed up for a lesson in multi-tasking like you have never experienced before. If you are the most organized person in the world and don’t feel overwhelmed, I congratulate your stability and self-assurance. If you are like me, and quite unsure of yourself, I want you to know that you are capable of much more than you ever thought possible, especially with a team like Bella to back you up. You are getting married because you love your fiancé. Your guests are family and friends that you love. Your dress, your flowers, your venue, these will all be created and realized by your love, so do not get sidetracked by negativity, keep your energy in that loving space and you will be ok. I promise.




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