Meet Photographer Sarah Roshan

Sarah Roshan recently joined the Bella Studio and brings a romantic perspective to photography.  She is offering a special promotion for summer 2013 weddings.  She has studios in Denver and Breckenridge.  Please give her a call to learn more.  303.905.9740.  Check her out!


EC:  Since I too grew up in a theatre too, I’m wondering how your work with theatre influences your photography.

SR:  Theatre was a huge part of my life. I studied primarily theatre direction and scenic art and design at Metro State University in Denver. There is a certain magic about theatre that I love. The fairy tale of it, watching real people tell extraordinary stories. I think that is very applicable to weddings and photography. I very much enjoy getting to know each of my clients and telling their story. If they aren’t perfect, even better, I think it is often our imperfections that make us beautiful. I basically went from telling stories on stage (and creating stage pictures) to telling real people’s stories (and creating beautiful images). I wouldn’t trade my love of theatre or photography for the world and I enjoy documenting real fairy tales now.

EC:  How would you describe your photography style?

SR:  Romantic. There is a very soft feel to my photographs that parallel my personality. I am a romantic at heart, I would classify myself as someone who just has a deep love for the world and the need to help make it a better place. I focus on the happy moments on your wedding day and it is my job to not only make you look like it was the most romantic day of your life, but make you feel that way too. I don’t do a lot of fashion or dramatic posing, I focus on those moments that the couple is amazingly happy, right before that tear of joy is shed, the look on your Dad’s face as he gives you away, the first time your fiancé sees you in your wedding dress. I find the romance, carefreeness, and the joy of your wedding day and reflect that in my photographs.
EC:  Describe you how get to know your clients and develop a relationship before the wedding.

SR:  I really strive to make that personal connection with all of my couples. I recommend a meeting in person or over Skype to determine if I am going to be a good fit for your personality.  I tell my couples that I am around pretty much all day long on one of the most intimate, important days of their lives, so it is important to get to know one another. I offer a complementary engagement “Getting to Know You” session with every package in effort to not only get the opportunity to photograph you before your wedding day, but also get to know you better. We head out for about an hour to shoot and just have fun (usually in a beautiful location) and then I take my couples to dinner and we chat about whatever comes to mind. I don’t want to show up on your wedding day and feel like I am a stranger. My brides usually hug me when I walk in the door, and invite me to their homes after. I am on a personal level with most of my clients and I love it.

EC:  If you could create a dream photo shoot what would it look like and who would be your model(s)?

SR: On a mountain top or a cliff, the bride would be wearing hiking boots or climbing shoes. My model would be a very naturally beautiful woman, earthy, but still done up to enhance her already beautiful self. Wildflower bouquets and classy suits instead of tuxes for the groom. It is always about the couple and their interaction for me.  A bride is not complete without her groom.

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