Laura and Jon’s Broadmoor Winter Wedding

I so enjoyed my time with Laura planning her wedding at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs. Laura dreamed of a soft winter wonderland wedding full of warmth. Hailing from New Orleans, Laura incorporated a local tradition of the cake pull: The ladies pull out charms tucked into the cake and save them from different weddings for their charm bracelets.  Laura selected a New Orleans jewelry maker, Mignon Faget, for her bridesmaids gifts and her cake pulls. So fun!

I had never worked at the Pauline Chapel at the Broadmoor, and was charmed by it’s stunning gold sanctuary, cathedral ceilings and rock flooring. The capacity of the chapel is around 120 and is ideal for an intimate wedding.  The warmth continued into the Broadmoor’s ballroom, which is brimming in antique gold walls and crystal chandeliers.

Laura and Jon’s wedding utilized the collective of all the Bella studio partners. The attire coordination, the invitations, the hair and makeup, the photography, the florals and even the DJ all came down from the mountains to collaborate. Big hug to James Michael and his team for their beautiful photography and dedication to the vision.  And a big thank you to Lindsey Suggs and the Broadmoor team for their wonderful service. We are still smiling from this weekend and reveling in the love surrounding this special couple.

JAMESMICHAEL_Briadal_Photography_Williamson_Rue_Broadmoor_001 JAMESMICHAEL_Briadal_Photography_Williamson_Rue_Broadmoor_003 JAMESMICHAEL_Briadal_Photography_Williamson_Rue_Broadmoor_004 JAMESMICHAEL_Briadal_Photography_Williamson_Rue_Broadmoor_006 JAMESMICHAEL_Briadal_Photography_Williamson_Rue_Broadmoor_007 JAMESMICHAEL_Briadal_Photography_Williamson_Rue_Broadmoor_008 JAMESMICHAEL_Briadal_Photography_Williamson_Rue_Broadmoor_009 JAMESMICHAEL_Briadal_Photography_Williamson_Rue_Broadmoor_011 JAMESMICHAEL_Briadal_Photography_Williamson_Rue_Broadmoor_016 JAMESMICHAEL_Briadal_Photography_Williamson_Rue_Broadmoor_018 JAMESMICHAEL_Briadal_Photography_Williamson_Rue_Broadmoor_019 JAMESMICHAEL_Briadal_Photography_Williamson_Rue_Broadmoor_022 JAMESMICHAEL_Briadal_Photography_Williamson_Rue_Broadmoor_024 JAMESMICHAEL_Briadal_Photography_Williamson_Rue_Broadmoor_028 JAMESMICHAEL_Briadal_Photography_Williamson_Rue_Broadmoor_037 JAMESMICHAEL_Briadal_Photography_Williamson_Rue_Broadmoor_039 JAMESMICHAEL_Briadal_Photography_Williamson_Rue_Broadmoor_041 JAMESMICHAEL_Briadal_Photography_Williamson_Rue_Broadmoor_044 JAMESMICHAEL_Briadal_Photography_Williamson_Rue_Broadmoor_056 JAMESMICHAEL_Briadal_Photography_Williamson_Rue_Broadmoor_062 JAMESMICHAEL_Briadal_Photography_Williamson_Rue_Broadmoor_068 JAMESMICHAEL_Briadal_Photography_Williamson_Rue_Broadmoor_072 JAMESMICHAEL_Briadal_Photography_Williamson_Rue_Broadmoor_076 JAMESMICHAEL_Briadal_Photography_Williamson_Rue_Broadmoor_079 JAMESMICHAEL_Briadal_Photography_Williamson_Rue_Broadmoor_080 JAMESMICHAEL_Briadal_Photography_Williamson_Rue_Broadmoor_081 JAMESMICHAEL_Briadal_Photography_Williamson_Rue_Broadmoor_083 JAMESMICHAEL_Briadal_Photography_Williamson_Rue_Broadmoor_093











The Team:

Wedding Design and Planning- Bella Design and Planning
Photography- James Michael
Florals- Bloom Flower Shop
Hair and Makeup- Colorado Makeup and Hair
Invitation and Wedding Day Stationery- Richard’s Notebook
DJ- Great Time DJ
Ceremony Venue- Pauline Chapel
Reception Venue- The Broadmoor

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