Engage 12: Bella goes to the Breakers Part 1

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The Engage Summit is an opportunity for professionals in the luxury wedding industry to come together in a fabulous location and exchange ideas, share opinions, engage with experts and witness the best wedding design, food, and entertainment available in the United States.

What does this exactly mean?  Well, it means that I’ve come home with some GREAT ideas and am inspired to make your event even better.  And now onto the eye candy. . .

This was the second night gala, a winter wonderland in Palm Beach.  This mountain girl truly appreciated the soap snow, penguin ice sculptures, polar bear martinis and the ROCKETTES!

DineAndDessert_111-LMONDAY DESSERT -131-L IMG_2182-L IMG_2139-L IMG_2105-L DineAndDessert_119-L
DineAndDessert_110-L Dessert_02_018-L Dessert_02_017-L

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