Victorian Wedding at the Keystone Ranch

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One of my favorite parts of my job is seeing the photos come in from a wedding.  After 15 years in the business, I still never tire of it.  Julie Harris, a photographer who is supreme at capturing emotion, just released some images from Anastasia and Nicholas’s wedding at the Keystone Ranch this past July.  Anastasia is Russian and met Nicholas, who is second generation Lithuanian, at Thunderbird Business School.  We bonded quickly over my in-depth analysis of their Baltic roots, as my mother’s father was first generation Lithuanian and I’ve always felt close to the culture.  Over the years I often been told that I look Russian, so at the wedding I have to admit that I looked like the rest of the guests!  So where to begin?  Nicholas and Anastasia (pronounced “honest to see ya”) had a very distinct idea about how their wedding was to be presented.  They wanted their beloved books and a feeling of Rocky Mountain Victorian.  With much thanks to Nicholas’s mom, Jan, we accomplished this look and feel with stunning success.  Many, many best wishes to the lovely couple!  Го́рько!


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